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Protech Machine Tools and Services

Specializing in custom machine installations and maintainence for new plant openings and for existing lines.

Because we know machines, we have the foresight to anticipate repairs and replace parts before something goes wrong.

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Coolant Maintenance

We usually don’t think of coolant maintenance as mechanical, but this is the most important aspect, which keeps the the chemistry and biology in proper order. There is a direct link between what we do (or don’t do) at the mechanical level to what goes on at the microscopic level.

By mechanics we are specifically referring to keeping the fluids moving and removing foreign contaminants. These contaminants include tramp oils, emulsified oils, particulates created from the machining process, and any other thing that may end up in the sump.

Remove the Oil Layer

This layer is what seals off the air supply to the sump and provides nutrients for the bacteria. By keeping oxygen from the coolant, anaerobic bacteria will thrive. These types of bacteria are more dangerous to the chemical components of the coolant than any other types. The oil acts as their food source and they combine with it to create a biofilm, which forms somewhat of a skin on the surface. These boils are difficult to remove, and once they are formed, only lead to contamination of the entire machine.

The simplest method to remove floating oils are a variety of mechanical skimmers, which mount to the sump, pull off the oil layer with some type of media (disk, belt, or tube), and drain it to a collection container. Some of this variety is also equipped with a mini separation tank so there is no wasted coolant, as it may be picked up during the process since most coolant contains some mineral oil.

There are also coalesces, which pull the oil off via a collection apparatus, and transfer it to a drum or tank for separation. The de-oiled coolant then is introduced back the sump. This type of unit is the best type, since it requires very little maintenance and keeps the fluid in circulation. Some of this variety also incorporate additional aeration devices and can filter small floating particulates. | Continued >


Planned preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Plans...

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